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Easton Shoes Celebrates 55 Years on Business - May 18, 2009

Columbus Underground
by Marcy Fleisher

In a sea of cookie cutter, big box warehouse shoe stores one independent shoe retailer continues to thrive in Columbus: Easton Shoes. Despite the competition and slowed economy, 2009 marks Easton Shoes 55th year in business. It's an anniversary that is pretty incredible when you consider that the National Shoe Retailer's Association says fewer than 4 percent of U.S. shoe retailers make it to 50.

Today the shop is owned by husband and wife, Marcia and Lenny Comeras. They have been the sole owners since 1992. The business was founded in 1954 by Lenny's father Reuben and Bill Easton. The original location was in Graceland Shopping Center. Today the store is on Henderson Road in the Northwest Center.

Over the years the Comeras have had to deal with a finicky consumer, self-service competitors, a name that is obviously confused with the other Easton (shopping area that is) and more than one recession. But by stressing hard-to-find brands of unsurpassed quality and customer service the store continues to serve a devoted clientele. Many come in looking for the exclusive European brands Easton Shoes carries, shoes from Italy, Germany, Spain, Israel and the U.S. In fact, Easton Shoes is so well respected by European shoe manufacturers that they are the only Ohio shoe store selected for a coveted partnership with the Italian Trade Commission (ITC). Together with the ITC Easton Shoes will launch Italia: Life in "I" style June 11-13. The 3-day event will promote and feature 3 of Easton Shoes finest Italian shoe lines. In addition, shoppers will be treated to Italian refreshments, wine and exclusive discounts. It's an out of the box way to promote in a down economy and offer shoppers another reason to visit Easton Shoes.

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