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Friend of Figlio Newsletter - Nov 14, 2007

Dear Friend of Figlio,
For years I have been looking for a comfortable pair of shoes. Is that too much to ask? Just a pair that looks good and feels good so that my feet don't ache at the end of the day. This may seem like a simple task, but it's not. Whenever I would buy shoes I would convice myself that they just needed to be "broken in" before they started to feel good. But year after year I was disappointed with my purchases and had almost given up finding that perfect pair of shoes. Until now.
I hit paydirt several weeks ago when I stopped in to a shoe store named "Easton Shoes". No, it's not at Easton -- it's on Henderson Road next to Fresh Market. It's a family owned and operated little place that has become God's gift to my feet. The salesman I met was the owner's son, Eric, who took the time to measure my feet (when was the last time a shoe salesmen did that for you?), and explain to me why all the previous shoes in my life weren't right. This guy is my new shoe wizard -- a matchmaker of sorts. He figured out how to put the right foot into the right shoe. I kid you not; the hour I spent in his store in buying two pair of shoes has made a remarkable difference in the quality of my life.
I now wear this great looking pair of Magnanni shoes from Spain with baby soft leather during the day. They look terrific with a suit and tie or a sweater and khakis. And then, at the end of the day I slip into a casual pair of my SAS shoes (that stands for San Antonio Shoes). SAS is an American manufacturer that Eric tells me they are the most comfy shoes in his store. I'm not sure. They are both incredibly comfortable. And they are both brown.
Which leads me to the Pumpkin Creme Brulee. I decided to celebrate my purchase of these 2 pair of brown shoes by sharing a recipe with you that is light brown and silky smooth like my new shoes. That is what our pumpkin creme brulee is. It is warm on the top, cool in the center -- and has a silky mouthfeel. Comfort food for a comfort time of year. We feature it each fall in November and will be serving it until about the first of December. You can try it here and then make it at home to impress your friends this Thanksgiving. And when you look at that brown, crackly top of caramelized sugar and a nice dollop of Jim Beam whipped cream, think about my new shoes.
The next day stop in and ask for Eric at Easton Shoes -- and change your life forever.
See you at Figlio!

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